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All you can eat Tandoori Buffet Hawthorne

Hawthorne BuffetHow much Indian food can you eat? That is the question that can only be answered by trying the hawthorne buffet at the India’s Tandoori Halal Hawthorne. This all you can eat buffet allows you to choose any dish from the wide variety offered. Spicy and tasty is what best describes the dishes here.

There are many foods to choose from including rice, samosas, chicken masala, curry, eggplant, chicken, lamb vindaloo and much more. There are many meat options and even more vegetable options. You also get some Indian dessert dishes with the buffet. Whether you love chicken or are a vegetarian, you will find foods you will enjoy in this buffet. The salad bar provides healthy and tasty salads, the ingredients used are fresh and the taste that will meet your taste buds will be equally as fresh.

Salad Bar All the food offered on the hawthorne buffet is prepared in the restaurant under very hygienic conditions. Everything is clean from the kitchen to the plates and even the sitting area. You do not have to worry about food poisoning when you eat from here. Food that tastes great and will not harm your health is just perfect. Anyone in Hawthorne California during lunch time should definitely check this out. Do not worry about where to leave your car; there is free parking offered.

The sitting arrangement is cozy and welcoming. You will find tables each with six places set. All tables are decorated beautifully and so are the walls. The place gives a feeling of being home and when there you will feel as if you are part of one big family. There are round tables that have a sitting for four as well so you can choose what suits you best. For a more private sitting area you can book the wall tables that have sofas that are comfortable and partition the area to separate each table from the other.

To make you feel even more welcome, the staff members are very friendly and helpful. They will be at your side as soon as you signal and their reassuring smiles will make you feel at home. The manager, Robbie, is particularly a darling. He visits every table finding out how the food is and chatting with the diners.

You can enjoy the tandoori food at the hawthorne buffet any weekday. It will cost you less than $15 and we guarantee you will leave the place satisfied and happy. Come to India’s Tandoori Halal Hawthorne and try the buffet today! The lunch time buffet is available Monday – Friday 11.00 AM – 3.00 PM


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